Green Envelope

November 2019

Help Willow Grove "Fund the Gap" and reach $100,000 by year-end.


It all started when…

The Willow Grove Educational Foundation needed a way to get more attention to our cause of enriched educational experiences for ALL Willow Grove students.

We started by going GREEN! We sent out our plea for help in green folders at Parent Conference, we tied green ribbons on the fence and trees, and we handed out green pencils and stickers to the kids. Lastly and most importantly, we sent home green envelopes with the hope the would be returned with donations to The Foundation.

Your support and contribution to our annual Green Envelope campaign means that we can keep paying for incredible and unique programs at Willow Grove that aren’t funded through the state. Programs like music, science, technology and technology support, Impact Teachers, Kindergarten Aides, Computer Tech, and a credentialed P.E. teacher are all paid for by contributions to WGEF.

Watch for all the GREEN in November and help WGEF keep 14 additional teachers and our enrichment programs at Willow Grove.

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