WGEF Needs Your Support:

Due to our current economic climate, decreased funding has taken important programs from our schools.  The WGEF exists to bridge those funding gaps and bring those programs back to our students.

The WGEF relies on support from the Willow Grove Family and its community. Through supporting the WGEF  you will not only help the students to broaden and improve their educational experience each day, you will also discover ways to meet other Willow Grove families and be involved in the school and its many functions.

WGEF Provides Funding for the Following:

  • Credentialed Impact teachers who provide individualized instruction to students
  • Music teacher 
  • Physical Education teacher
  • Excelling-student Math Impact teacher
  • Hands-on Science teacher
  • Kindergarten aides
  • Computer Resource teacher
  • Online educational enrichment applications
  • Classroom technology