An Apple(Tv) for Teacher | Technology in the Classroom

Apple TVs in the classroom

Willow Grove teachers are excited about the newest tool in technology that we've been able to integrate into our teaching and learning experience in the classroom. Apple TVs have recently been added to all the classrooms thanks to the wonderful Willow Grove families and the Willow Grove Educational Foundation.

Many parents are wondering though, “How do teachers use Apple TVs in the classroom?” In my classroom, along with many others, Apple TVs and the iPads are synching together for many hands-on classroom projects, activities and presentation opportunities. Working together, the Apple TVs sync with what is shown or presented on an iPad. It actually mirrors the iPad screen. Isn’t technology great!

In my kindergarten classroom, the students and I use an app called Screen Chomp to help draw out, write and discuss how to solve math problems. I write out a problem, the students work on the problem on the iPad and record their voices using math language that they have been taught. Screen Chomp records their work as well as their voices. With the help of Apple TV all this work (including their voices) are displayed on the Promethean board so the whole class can see, and hear, how they worked out their math problem.

The students love the interaction on the iPad and are completely "wowed" to see their work on the “big screen” via the Apple TV. It’s fantastic to see how even some of our youngest Grizzlies are using technology to enhance their learning.

Corinna Kitchen - Kindergarten Teacher