Technology in the classroom

 Willow Grove teachers are dedicated to ensuring that our students are on the forefront of integrating 21st century learning tools.  We are not using technology just to say we are using technology, but are very conscientious that it enhances the education standards.  For example, 4th grade students used a program called Nearpod on the iPad, to learn how to identify the subject and predicate in sentences.  Let's be honest, typically this is not a topic that excites students.  The teacher practically has to dance a jig to get students to pay attention to a lesson about subjects and predicates.  However, once the students joined the Nearpod session on the iPads from the cart provided by WG Foundation, subjects and predicates became interesting!   They were asked to give themselves a nickname (Talk about an instant hook!) and take a quiz on what they thought these words mean.  All of their answers were posted on the Promethean board and the students beamed with pride to see their responses being displayed.  For those that are not familiar with Nearpod, it is basically a PowerPoint presentation, but where the teacher has the control of what the students see.  When the teacher swipes to the next slide, all of the students' screens move as well.  There is one screen with information and then the next screen asks the students to demonstrate their understanding.  It can be in the form of a poll, multiple choice answer, quick quiz, drawing, etc.  Every single students' screen shot is shared on the promethean board and the kids LOVE it!  Instantly, the lesson is more interactive and interesting to the students.  Who would have ever thought you could see kids giving each other high fives for finding the complete predicate in a sentence?!  Our students are so lucky to have access to thousands of Nearpod lessons in all subjects.


Guest Blogger and Willow Grove Teacher; Courtney Georggin