Two Weeks Already... and Grizzly Growth Fund


Wow…hard to believe it’s almost been 2 weeks since the new school year began! Last week, many of you attended Back-to-School night and enjoyed seeing new and returning faces, visits to the classrooms, “meet and greet” opportunities with teachers and the first PTA meeting of the year.   

If you missed the recent blog post, Best Time of the Year, then you may not be aware that the 2014-2015 Grizzly Growth Fund has officially begun!  By not, you’ve probably received the green envelope information in the mail. This is an annual direct contribution request from the Willow Grove Education Foundation (WGEF) of $350 per student to fund the many valuable programs that would otherwise not be available due to budget cuts.  These are programs that address key areas of education and development for our students, such as:  Impact Teachers and Kindergarten Aides, Advanced Technology (laptops and iPads), weekly Music and Physical Education, Art, Science and Engineering Instruction and more!  The Educational Foundation is super excited to share NEW programs being introduced this year, including:

·      A Resource Scientist to encourage and educate students with hands-on, interactive learning experience;

·      Dedicated Science Lab, located in one of the new mobile structures;

·      Apple TV devices in the classrooms for easier, more interactive instruction in every classroom;

·      Instructional iPads for teachers so that they are more prepared and able to better advise students on ways to use technology for education; and

·      Additional iPads for classroom usage by more students.


The WGEF, together with school representatives, are always exploring new and beneficial programs to aid our students and faculty, and none of it would be possible without the donations and support of the sponsored events and fundraising efforts.  We are all looking forward to seeing the new programs in action this year and hope you can be a part of in in any way, big or small, through your donations, support or by volunteering.  You can connect with us via the website.


Don’t forget, donations to WGEF are tax deductible and if you work for a company that does charitable matching, please let us know if you need assistance.  For more information or to make your donation online, go to Grizzly Growth Fund