Top 4 Things to Know about "A Night in Vegas"

Skip the binge watching of Mad Men or Game of Thrones and get ready for a night of fun, music, casino-style games, auctions and entertainment.  Here are some tips and information to help you make the most of this event.

How can I get tickets and be a part of this epic event?  Great question!   Don’t delay, take advantage of pre-event pricing and purchase tickets now (if you haven’t already) at….insert link.  

What to wear and what exactly is “Vegas Chic”?  Ah yes, the age old question.  Here’s a few tips that might help you decide.  The theme is Vegas, so that opens it to a lot.  Think Brad Pitt in Oceans 11…or maybe a little glitter and sparkle are more your style.  It could be cocktail attire, pants/cool top or even jeans.  Remember, it’s San Diego though, and outside, so it could get chilly, with much of the event on lawn and uneven surfaces.  Have fun with it!

How are people able to bid on auction items? Do I need to be at the event to participate?  There will be both live and silent auction items, as well as raffle prizes at the event.  However, silent auction items will be available for preview and online bidding beginning May 4th, which you do not need to be at the event for.  If there’s something you really want, you can start the bidding early or choose the max bid amount.

Here’s another IMPORTANT tip! The best way to jumpstart your check-in process and get to all the fun is to register online beforehand at  

What if it rains?  As the saying goes, rain or shine, the show must go on.  Does it ever really rain in San Diego?  No worry, if there is that off chance that Mother Nature decides to tease our pending drought situation, there will be tents to keep everyone as dry as possible. 

This sounds like so much fun, how can I get involved?  There’s several way to support this event.  First is to attend.  It will be great to have so many of our Grizzly family in a social and “non-interruptive” (no kids) atmosphere with old and new friends.  Next, donate.  There are lots of ways, such as the incredible silent and live auctions, raffle prizes, purchase of casino “chips” to play, or straight donations are always accepted if you can’t make it to the event. Finally, volunteer.  It takes a small army to make this event special, so the more help we can get, the better it will be.  Please contact for list of options or ways to get involved.