Thank you to the Willow Grove Families that have contributed to our Grizzly Growth Fund this year.   Our warmest appreciation and gratitude to those who have contributed $375 or more:

Jack Park

The Beckman Family

The Sohaey Family

The Mattes Family

The Vargas Family

The Boggs Family + Corporate Match

The Garfin-Buxton Family

Mahua Ghosh + Corporate Match

The Ratermann Family + Corporate Match

Lynn Family 2019

Then Chen’s Family + Corporate Match

Mary Zheng

Alexis and Cinco Masbad

The Asch Family + Corporate Match

James Sofianos

The Upasani Family

Enqiang Sun & Liwei Liu

The Tsai Family

Sean Barrett + The Corporate Match

The Younes Family

The Dorris Family

The Marzullo Family

The Holzgraf Family

The Drykerman Family

The Rinaldi Family

Amy Huff

Toshiko Pai

The McNamara Family

Amy Kirschbaum

Laura Stokes and Alan Agulnick

The O’Brien Family

The Cabaniss Family

Shaista Sadiq

Jeff Ronaldi

Adriana and Sofia Robidoux

The Kaelin Family

Riedl Family

Alireza & Leila Khansari

The Shimoon Family 2014

Dina S. Seckel

The Sadiarin Family

Soo Kyung Lee and Jung Hyun Choi

Sarah Deng Family

Kathy Miyamoto

Hao and Vivian Lin

Michael and Jennica Ho

Michael and Carrie Dorris

Qicheng Yang

The Sechrist Family

Richard and Nikki Nguyen

Jaelyn Liang and Family

Chong Zhang

Phuong-Anh La and Henry Tran

The Yoo Family + Corporate Match

St Charles Family + Corporate Match

The Athyal Family

Alexander Cates Family

Gwen Stacy Haines and Family

Wenzhong Zhao, Grace Zhao and Huifang Qin

Horoz Family

Tim and Leilani Dolan

The King Family + Corporate Match

Elizabeth Barnett + Corporate Match

The Chokshi Family

The Peterson Family

The Afshar Family

Mr. & Dr. Siddharth and Bhoomi Gandhi

Daniel Amerga | Kalkidan Gebremichael + Corporate Match

Yulan Li and Yu Zhang

The Mead Family + Corporate Match

The Sweidel Family

Amanda Richburg

Blair Perez

Rosamaria DeSimone

Dr. Duke Nguyen and Mrs. Lien Nguyen

The Howard Family + Corporate Match

The Prahalad Family

The Birnbaum Family

The Weisman Family

Shayan Khashayar

Donya Khashayar

The Smith-Giron Family

Sidney Enriquez

Samrawit Messay

Gema Almilli

Monica Bussell

Ghazal Farhang

Tanyasree Güde

Dawn Reichert

Violet and August Kim

Kaden Nguyen

The Warren Family + Corporate match

The Na Family

Dylan Yu Family

Timothy Liu

The Stefanick Family


Past Donors

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